I am currently open to doing commissions for individuals.  If you’re interested in having a custom piece of music written, please read further!

What Can I Offer?

Original Compositions: Be it a full orchestral piece hitting a certain emotion, a theme for a character, or the world-building music of a location, I have you covered.  Due to my academic film scoring background, I have the tools and skills to write for any style of music as needed.

Theme Arrangements:  Is there a particular video game theme that you’ve always wanted to hear arranged in some manner, orchestral or otherwise? Much of that can be heard and featured on my dedicated arrangement YouTube channel, but I also take request commissions.

Original Theme Samples

The following is a selection of themes I have written, that represent either a character, a location, or an emotional state of being. As a film/game composer, I am often writing these ‘motifs’ for the project I am working on. Likewise, for commissions these are popular aspects of music that I write for. Here are a few.

In the Darkness: for a character fallen into darkness

Morning Moss: for a peaceful forest

Master of the Expanse: theme of a space commander

The Folk Hero’s Return: theme of a rags to riches fantasy hero

The Arcanist’s Laboratory: a quirky theme for a strange mage

Chaos Storm: a villain’s theme

Crimson and Gold: an outlaw’s theme

The Clock Tower: a place of mystery

Video Game Arrangements

I also have a collection of video game arrangements I create and upload on my Youtube account.  If you are a fan of Nintendo music in particular, they’re worth checking out! Here are two examples of big projects I’ve done. I am always open for commission requests in regards to these.

Fire Emblem Arrange

This is my full, orchestral suite for the game Fire Emblem Fates, a game for the Nintendo 3DS.  It contains over 26 minutes of a 60+ instrument orchestra.  The cool thing about this particular game is its emphasis on East Asian and Celtic inspired cultures, and the conflict between them.  The music reflects this stylistically, and allowed for me to write orchestral-hybrid music, that fuses with traditional East Asian and Celtic music.

Breath of Fire Arrange

Below is my work on the Breath of Fire II soundtrack, from the SNES era of gaming.  With 2 weeks to convert, arrange, orchestrate, and mix 13 pieces that were originally no longer than 30 second loops, it was quite the rewarding challenge to orchestrate this in that timeframe.  But ultimately I am really happy with how it turned out, especially due to the excellent animation to go alongside it by SmallBuStudio.

If interested in my talents for hire, please get in contact and we can discuss the project from there.