Video Game Portfolio

This page highlights some samples for game audio work I’ve done, starting with a selection from each game I’ve worked on, followed by some other audio-related endeavors further down the page.  If interested in film music I’ve done, please check out the Film Portfolio section of my website!  And if you’re in a hurry, check out my 10-minute demo sampler below.


Developed by M7 Productions
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Music Sample: Combat Music

The Cat and the Box

Developed by Eli Schroeder
My Role: Music
Audio Sample: The Clock Room


Developed by One Game
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample: Opening Theme



Developed by ReadyMen Games
My Role: Music
Audio Sample: Title Theme


Felicity Toad

Developed by Tangled Rays
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample: Dream Sequence


Project OVA and Pixture Perfect

Both developed by Donkey Whisper Productions
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample: Puzzle Music (Pixture Perfect)



Developed by Empathy Studios
My Role: Music
Audio Sample: Title Theme


TimeWar, StarKnights, and Ten Pins

All developed by Dark Art Games
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample 1: Boss Battle (StarKnights)
Audio Sample 2: Map Theme 2 (TimeWar)
Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 12.02.41 PM.png



Developed by Sententia
My Role: Music
Audio Sample: Battle Theme 2


Sound Design Demos to Video

I made some demos to showcase my isolated sound design work.  This particular sound effect demo is for the game Mortal Kombat X.  I had a lot of fun making this one, considering how… graphic this game can be. I scrambled all over the place to acquire certain sounds.  Fun fact, I made Scorpion’s chain dart noise using household measuring tape!

This demo focuses on the ability sounds of a small handful of League of Legends characters. As some of these abilities are so dynamic, I wanted to see what kind of auditorial sequence I could create that would properly match the animations presented. I used all sorts of fun plugins and audio editing software for this one!

Slot Machines

Here is a small collection of demos I have made for slot machines.  Each one is inspired by a particular slot aesthetic (Pop Music, Traditional Chinese, Mariachi, Las Vegas) and is ~00:45-1:00 minute in length before looping seamlessly.  All utilize the ABA form, and create a strong, memorable melody in order to create a pleasant gaming experience during a bonus round.

If interested in my talents for hire, please get in contact and we can discuss the project from there.