Video Game Portfolio

This page highlights some samples for game audio work I’ve done, starting with a selection from each game I’ve worked on, followed by some other audio-related endeavors further down the page.  If interested in film music I’ve done, please check out the Film Portfolio section of my website!  And if you’re in a hurry, check out my 10-minute demo sampler below.


Developed by M7 Productions
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Music Sample: Combat Music

The Cat and the Box

Developed by Eli Schroeder
My Role: Music
 Audio Sample: The Clock Room


Developed by One Game
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample: Opening Theme


Developed by ReadyMen Games
My Role: Music
Audio Sample: Title Theme

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Felicity Toad

Developed by Tangled Rays
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample: Dream Sequence

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Project OVA and Pixture Perfect

Both developed by Donkey Whisper Productions
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample: Puzzle Music (Pixture Perfect)



Developed by Empathy Studios
My Role: Music
Audio Sample: Title Theme

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TimeWar, StarKnights, and Ten Pins

All developed by Dark Art Games
My Role: Music and Sound Design
Audio Sample 1: Boss Battle (StarKnights)
Audio Sample 2: Map Theme 2 (TimeWar)

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 12.02.41 PM.png


Developed by Sententia
My Role: Music
Audio Sample: Battle Theme 2


Sound Design Demos to Video

I made some demos to showcase my isolated sound design work.  This particular sound effect demo is for the game Mortal Kombat X.  I had a lot of fun making this one, considering how… graphic this game can be. I scrambled all over the place to acquire certain sounds.  Fun fact, I made Scorpion’s chain dart noise using household measuring tape!

This demo focuses on the ability sounds of a small handful of League of Legends characters. As some of these abilities are so dynamic, I wanted to see what kind of auditorial sequence I could create that would properly match the animations presented. I used all sorts of fun plugins and audio editing software for this one!

Slot Machines


Here is a small collection of demos I have made for slot machines.  Each one is inspired by a particular slot aesthetic (Pop Music, Traditional Chinese, Mariachi, Las Vegas) and is ~00:45-1:00 minute in length before looping seamlessly.  All utilize the ABA form, and create a strong, memorable melody in order to create a pleasant gaming experience during a bonus round.

Video Game Arrangements

I also have a collection of video game arrangements I create and upload on my Youtube account.  If you are a fan of Nintendo music in particular, they’re worth checking out! In addition, I am occasionally commissioned to arrange video game music for clients.  Here are two examples of big projects I’ve done.

Fire Emblem Arrange

This is my full, orchestral suite for the game Fire Emblem Fates, a game for the Nintendo 3DS.  It contains over 26 minutes of a 60+ instrument orchestra.  The cool thing about this particular game is its emphasis on East Asian and Celtic inspired cultures, and the conflict between them.  The music reflects this stylistically, and allowed for me to write orchestral-hybrid music, that fuses with traditional East Asian and Celtic music.

Breath of Fire Arrange

Below is my work on the Breath of Fire II soundtrack, from the SNES era of gaming.  With 2 weeks to convert, arrange, orchestrate, and mix 13 pieces that were originally no longer than 30 second loops, it was quite the rewarding challenge to orchestrate this in that timeframe.  But ultimately I am really happy with how it turned out, especially due to the excellent animation to go alongside it by SmallBuStudio.