Video Game Portfolio

Video Highlights

Here you can find a collection of original compositions/sound design projects done for video games.  These examples feature a variety of musical styles, but to check out even more genres of music be sure to look at the film music section of my portfolio!

Music Demo: Horizontal Resequencing

Using gameplay of Rage, I have created three different intensities of music to play during this particular stage.  Despite sharing a similar theme, all three intensities are rather different.  The first, being the exploration level, is atmospheric and enigmatic.  The second has a driving rhythm fitting of battles versus the mobs of enemies in the level.  And finally, the third intensity goes alongside the big boss of the stage, and matches the energy and chaos of the fight.  All three tracks trigger based on what is happening at the specific moment.

Music Demo: Vertical Layering

I took the opening sequence of Dead Space 2, and removed all audio while keeping the sound effects. I made small, layered loops that would evolve as the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, progressed through the level. In addition, two cutscene-like cues were also called for when the aliens attacked, as these scenes were more action based rather than environment based.

All tracks were layered vertically, much like the original Dead Space. Having studied under Rod Abernethy and talked to Jason Graves (two composers of the first game), they have both explained this process to me; making the layers constant while phasing in and out based on intensity of the moment.

Sound Design Demo

I can also do sound design! This particular sound effect demo is for the game Mortal Kombat X.  I had a lot of fun making this one, considering how… graphic this game can be. I scrambled all over the place to acquire certain sounds.  Fun fact, I made Scorpion’s chain dart noise using household measuring tape!

Sound Design Demo II

This demo focuses on the ability sounds of a small handful of League of Legends characters. As some of these abilities are so dynamic, I wanted to see what kind of auditorial sequence I could create that would properly match the animations presented. I used all sorts of fun plugins and audio editing software for this one!

Video Game Arrangements

I also have a collection of video game arrangements I create and upload on my Youtube account.  If you are a fan of Nintendo music in particular, they’re worth checking out! In addition, I am occasionally commissioned to arrange older video game music for clients.  Below is my work on the Breath of Fire II soundtrack, from the SNES era of gaming.  With 2 weeks to convert, arrange, orchestrate, and mix 13 pieces that were originally no longer than 30 second loops, it was quite the rewarding challenge to orchestrate this in that timeframe.  But ultimately I am really happy with how it turned out, especially due to the excellent animation to go alongside it by SmallBuStudio.

 Audio Highlights

In the Darkness: A three-part demo I made to show my style of video game music composition.  The concept was to make music that followed a story, in this case a protagonist’s descent into their own personal hell, followed by an epic battle, and then finally their hopeful escape from what was originally their demise.  I had a lot of fun making this one, using a lot of aleatory and choir to make as dark a sound as possible.

Unseen Main Theme: I worked on a VR game called Unseen, that dealt with human trafficking and the atrocity behind that.  The developers did not want the game to be horror-based though, more dark with elements of hope.  The game revolves around solving some puzzles to escape the warehouse the player is in.  This particular track is used for the main menu as well as the conclusion of the game.

Cydonia Battle Theme: One of a few tracks I made when working on the indie bullet-hell game Cydonia back in 2011.  Loops naturally and I believe still holds up today due to its retro feel.

Slot Machines

Here is a small collection of demos I have made for slot machines.  Each one is inspired by a particular slot aesthetic (Traditional Chinese, Pop Music, Mariachi, Las Vegas) and is ~00:45-1:00 minute in length before looping seamlessly.  All utilize the ABA form, and create a strong, memorable melody in order to create a pleasant gaming experience during a bonus round.